Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Vintage Nation One Day Festival

A couple of weeks ago I decided to go and visit my sister down in Brighton, this little road trip happily coincided with the first ever Vintage Nation event at Brighton Racecourse.  In my earlier years, events like this would have meant me trailing around after my mum and sister dreaming about that glorious moment when we would happen upon some kind of food stall selling yummy treats or an ice cream van; however in more recent times, spending a day at a fair or at a car-boot, its not just the yummy edible treats that catch my attention, but the pretty, vintage bargains that are waiting to be found (this must be what it feels like to be a grown-up!).

thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon rummaging through the many wonderful stalls at the event, and found some darling little shot glasses and some gorgeous items of clothing; one floor length, white, cotton dress caught my attention in particular...but then so did the price tag.  If I wasn't a poor little student then I could have easily spent hundreds in the few hours that we were there, but unfortunately I had to leave empty handed, while my sister went home with a cute kitsch little dear, after being seduced by his big eyes.


  1. I’m moving to Brighton in September! Sounds like such a fun day, can’t wait to see what else you get up to :)

    1. my sister went to sussex uni and i loved to go visit her to explore all the little shops! its a great place =]