Monday, 12 November 2012

Halloween Weekend

Having my mum and sister whisk me away to North Yorkshire for Halloween weekend was a massively welcome break from uni work (I probably should of listened when everyone told me that third year would be a lot more work!). The weekend away meant that we all got to spend some quality time with our Nanny, and that me and my sister got to go on a couple of adventures on the moors and around the idyllic little town of Richmond hunting for vintage bargains and paying our customary visit to the little pet shop to 'awww' over the baby rabbits and adverts for adorable puppies that we wish we could take home.

But the best find was discovered in Nanny's wardrobe, my mum found the sheepskin coat that she was given for her 21st birthday. It had barely been worn and it just so happens that I am the same size as my mum was then... what a coincidence!

It was a brilliant weekend with our evenings spent eating sweets with our biggest worry being how we were going to carve the pumpkin!

Then on actually Halloween my inner child went wild with the face paints as my theme was Sugar Skulls!!

What did you do for your Halloween celebrations?