Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Shake it baby!

Before I went to uni I had big ideas about joining lots of different societies and volunteering for this that and the other.  In reality first year was mostly spent getting drunk with the people in my halls, getting annoyed at everyone being noisy the odd occasion when they were partying and I wasn't and injuring myself in one way or another (stories for another time).  After having to constantly choose between alcohol and food, I finally realised that I needed a job or I was going to starve (as alcohol usually won hands down).

At the beginning of second year I googled 'bars in Nottingham' and emailed as many as I could.  A few weeks later I got a text asking if  was still looking for work; pretty much every weekend since then I have spent working as a bar-back, at first and now as a bar tender.  And I love it!

I could not imagine spending my Friday and Saturday nights any other way.  I know that that probably sounds quite sad and having the night off every now and then is lovely; but I love the people that I work with and I love the job.  Yes you get the odd person who is just down right rude and disrespectful but there is an odd satisfaction in mixing up a cocktail and having someone enjoy it.  Another thing that I love is the brilliant community of bar tenders in Nottingham, seeing people you recognise when out for a quiet drink or a night out is strangely reassuring in this big city.

In some ways it has made me a bit of a bar snob!  On the one hand I can sympathise with the staff on a tough night as I have been there done that, but on the other, if I can make a half decent mojito then anyone can!

My favourite bar in the city is Boilermaker.  The intrigue of the plain shop front and the secret door behind the sink is inspired, and the menu is just mind boggling.  I think that it is an amazing place and when asked where I want to go for a drink there is no competition.