Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nail Art

I was always one of those children constantly nibbling on their nails, until I discovered nail polish, realised how nasty it tasted and how much I liked actually letting my nails grow.  Not long ago my sister, the queen of procrastination, discovered dotting tools for your nails and gave me a little start up kit for my birthday.  Having the mental age of a five year old on birthdays and at Christmas, I didn't want to wait to try out my new toys and insisted that my mum paint something pretty on my nails, which turned out to be some cute little bunnies!

During the recent exam period the design on my nails changed every couple of days, providing me with plenty of excuses to put off the dreaded revision!  And in the last few months my nails have been subjected to all kinds of  'art', in the form of cupcakes, cherry blossom, cute little owls and most recently sunset palm trees, which is close as I can get to lying on a beach right now! 

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