Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mother comes to town

I always love when I get visitors from home in Nottingham.  I really enjoy being able to show them around the city that I love and discovering new things together.  My most recent house guest was my Mum, now usually my sister comes with her and we somehow have to fit three of us in a bed top to tail some how! (When I eventually move a guest room is definitely something I will be looking for.)  This time sadly my sister could not come up, as she was off gallivanting at a wedding with the boy, so it was time for some one on one mother-daughter time.

This mother-daughter time consisted of shopping, drinking and stumbling across an amazing little vintage fair just around the corner from my flat.  On the Saturday night I took my mum out for her second ever night out on the town, we consumed lots of cocktails and I even convinced her to try my favorite shot Cointreau (this seems to be the bar tenders shot of choice in Nottingham) and I am happy to report that she loved it!

The original plan for the Sunday had been a cheeky trip to Ikea so we could inhale some of the best meatballs ever, but when feeling a little worse for wear the morning after the night before we decided on a mozy in to town instead.  And we were delighted that we did! Down a little alley way in Hockley there is a little courtyard with a few independent shops and once a month they have a vintage fair complete with BBQ and cake! I felt like this was the perfect discovery to make when a little hung over.  We found some absolute jems and the cake was possibly the best cake I have ever tasted, and I have tried a lot of cake!  I will definitely have to make another trip there soon to spend some more of my pennies =]